Mustard Seeds and Mount Meru (Particle vs. Universe)

While mount meru is big and mustard seeds are small, they can be compatible without problems. It is an unbelievable imagination, but it has a lot of philosophical thoughts and connotation. In the west corner of Academia Sinica building, two large balls standing face-to-face on the grassy slope. Black and white marble mosaic embedded and grinded on their surfaces. The image reflects each other like a mirror. In addition, it passes energy as molecules, atoms and electrons between the two starting from the relative centers of the ball and spreading like ripple where the wave flows smoothly on the ball and enlarges gradually. The ball is not only the enlarged mustard seeds but also the shrunken mount meru. The Insignificance of human beings bears the broadness of the world. In the broad sea of science, we discover the unseen materials and surrender to the power of nature one time after another. 


Tai Chi is the most original order and status of the universe. It appeared after the chaotic period (without pole) where Yin and Yang are not undivided and formed the source of million things (universe). The work of “Mustard Seeds and Mount Meru” includes the concept of eastern reflections on Chan. The shape (circle) and color (black and white) of Tai Chi were taken as the elements of the appearance of the work. Order and chaotic are the process when we pursue the root of universe. Philosophical connotation was included in the research, giving scientific research another layer of spiritual meaning. On the face of it, it seems like diverse patterns collaged by mosaic, such as DNA, embryo of living things, seeds and germs, cells, etc. The image of two balls reflects each other like mirrors but with inverse black and white. Calm black and white gray imagery can make various images and emerge on the work in vague. With the vision flow produced by mosaic collage, there are rich detail changes when viewing from different angles. At night, light concentrated between the balls, presenting the uniform halo at the back echoed by energy radiation.